Welcome to the first step of a clean home.

Hi, I’m Katrine, I moved to Toronto from Vancouver and am really falling in love with the city.

My COVID-19 lockdown procedures:

  • grocery shopping once a week, trading off with my boyfriend as the designated shopper
  • I wear gloves and a fabric mask when I am not at home
  • I mostly stay home unless I am going to clean somewhere, to go for a walk, or to buy essentials
  • Since early May haven’t taken TTC, Uber or a taxi. Only personal vehicle that I share with one person; sadly the owner of the vehicle has returned to Canada and I am back to walking and biking
  • diligently sanitize my clean kit between clients
  • New location means new clothes. I will bring a change of clothing with me.
  • I have been sewing fabric face masks in my spare time. Future link to purchase coming soon

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