Who will be cleaning?

Hello, I’m Kat, currently the only employee of Trinity HouseKeeping.

Do you provide services on a regular basis?

Yes, if you would like once a week, or once a month, just let me know.

Do you provide one-time services for moving out, Airbnb turnover, after renovations or after a party?

Yes. Most of what I do right now is AirBnb turnover. I have a minimum of two hours, but I guarantee to the host that the place will be “guest-ready” when I leave. Typically I take out the garbage, change the sheets and towels, dust all surfaces, wash dishes if required, sanitize the bathroom, vacuum and mop all flooring.

What training do you have?

I am alumni of the Charles MacPherson Academy.


Previous Experience?

I am 36 years old and have been cleaning professionally for 16 years, including five years as a domestic butler, and eleven years at a yoga studio. My main specialties are housekeeping and laundry.

What kind of products are used?









For me it’s important to use all natural, eco-friendly products instead of chemicals. I use gentle laundry soap, baking soda, isopropanol alcohol, vinegar, essential oils, distilled water, and all natural vegetable soap. Bleach can be requested for bathroom areas that need a serious sanitation. I use material from T shirts and micro fibre clothes instead of disposable products.

What services are provided?

Available for both residential and commercial cleaning. Standard service includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing dishes, making the bed(s) with new sheets; wiping counters, mirrors, toilet; and laundry if you have facilities.

Ironing available on request, if iron and ironing board are provided.

What items do you bring with you?

I have a full clean kit with all supplies including a Dyson vacuum.

What are your rates?

My minimum is two hours for $60; and $25 an hour thereafter. As an estimate, it normally takes me 2 hours to do an average one bedroom. I typically start with the bathroom and the kitchen as those areas tend to be the most high-traffic. I base my rates on time so if you want a more detailed or deep clean of a certain room, just let me know.

How do you take payment?

PayPal, e-transfer, cash, or Square Payment

Can you provide an invoice? Do you have an HST number?

Yes, I can make an invoice. I do write this off on my taxes each year, however I haven’t reached the threshold of needing an HST number. I don’t have one now, but might soon in the future.

What areas do you service?

West to Parkside Drive / Keele.

South to King St West

North to Bloor St West and

East as far as Bathurst. If you live further away, Sorry, I don’t have a vehicle, however I do take special requests. Just ask.

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When are you available?

Full availability is updated regularly on the bookings page.

How do I become a Client?

The link is HERE

I have a short set of questions to help me prepare for your home.

Can I be Home during the Cleaning? What about pets?

Absolutely, I zone the home into sections. I can start cleaning in an area without anyone. Generally dogs and cats don’t really enjoy the vacuum. I’m pet-friendly and happy to move your pet into rooms if they are friendly to strangers.

Alternatively, I can clean your empty home. Many people have a “lock box” for their keys, especially AirBnb clients. I can also arrange to pick up a set of keys from you when you are home, or be let in by building concierge. I am able to provide two pieces of government issued ID for verification to building security if required.


Have you done a recent background check?

Yes, Charles MacPherson Associates screens all their candidates and as of May 2019 I have completed all required components.