Face Masks


Available in kids and adults sizes, with or without a wire piece. I make a simple tri-fold design that I found on YouTube.

Each mask is double layered with a pocket for a filter.

Comfortable “ear saver” design without harsh elastic. Made with stretch cotton jersey or lycra, this design goes around the back of the head, avoiding the ears.

You can tie the straps around the back of the head for a perfect fit. Start with the top two and attach them together. Then tie the bottom straps to the top one.

Alternatively, you can pull all four straps into your ponytail.

If you can hand sew, you can stitch the straps to your exact size, however the knit of the fabric will hold the knots in place if you tie them. When you’re not wearing your mask, it can hang out around your neck.

Lots of fabrics to choose from…

Pre made
  • No Wire
Pre made
  • With Wire
  • Select Fabric
Pre made
  • Prototypes and slightly imperfect